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Mojavé ATL

Cheers to May, Freedom, and Good Eats

May is the best month of them all! It's top 2, and it ain't 2! Period. May brings feelings of hope and prosperity. Flowers bloom in May!! Great things happen in May; summer begins, graduations happen, prom, milestones, and Gemini season. But, most importantly, it is freedom for me.

I'm finally free from the shackles of my first year of law school! It does not feel the slightest bit real, though, because here I am debating if I should sacrifice my two weeks off for the journal write-on process–––it's really ghetto out here. Anyhoo, to celebrate the month of May (the best month of the year, my birthday month and freedom), I decided to try a new restaurant I found on tiktok called Mojavé. So I'm about to plug you guys in on this Atlanta spot!!

I have to give this spot a 9/10, honestly!!! The food was excellent! I went on a Friday for lunch, it was not too crowded, and we were seated within about five minutes. One of the first things I look for in a restaurant is the ambiance in how it's designed and decorated. I prefer to have a good view when eating food. Mojave has outdoor and indoor seating. Inside was nice…. But the outdoor seating was just beautiful because it had a pond surrounded by so many trees and plants. I'm a sucker for mother nature for sure! Like it was windy outside, and I did not care; I just had to have the view. Besides, a heaux never gets cold lol.

Next, when I look for a good restaurant personally, I like to try their drinks to see if it will do what it needs to do for me. Let's just say Mojave drinks got the party started for me today. I had the pineapple margarita and the watermelon cocktail. I honestly cannot remember the name of it but let me tell you –––– it was amazing. I have a confession… I'm not too fond of watermelons. Some like to say that my black card is rejected. My point is that despite my dislike for the fat green fruit, I enjoyed the drink.

Now let's get into the most important part––– the food. The food here was amazing!!! Because I am traveling a lot this summer, I decided that I would eat meat again for the sole purpose of being able to eat what I want when in different countries. (before this summer, I had not eaten meat in over two years). But here, my sister, niece, and I ordered a lot of food. We always try to order different things so we can try more items on the menu. For appetizers, we got the Ahumado Chipotle Wings, Jumbo Lump Crab Cake, and Calamari. These appetizers alone were everything that I needed and more. Of course, my favorite had to be the wings! But my opinion can be biased because I have not had them in so long. But it was not dry, and the smoked lime taste was a mouth explosion. For our entrees, I got the tequila orange salmon that came with mashed potatoes and asparagus. While it was good, it was not the stand-out dish. For me, it was my sister's Chipotle Lamb Chops. They were juicy and tender. It honestly was the best thing I have had in a wow. I mean, look at the quality.

All in all, I'm glad I came here and started my birthday countdown to Twenty-Three. Mojave is definitely a place to visit when coming to ATL!

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